Benefits of FreshCUP™

FreshCUP™ does the hard work giving you more time to do the things you enjoy!


Fast and efficient
You want coffee and you want it now. In short 30 second cycles, FreshCUP™ washes and sanitises all of your office cutlery, cups and mugs – in less time than it takes to find where your coworkers have hidden the sugar, again.

High-end sanitiser
With FreshCUP™’s special blend of eco-friendly detergents, you can rest assured that your cup is 100% clean, polished and ready to use. Eliminates the potential for germs to settle on the edges of cups, not-so-clean teaspoons and long-forgotten sink sponges…your peace of mind is assured!

Fits perfectly, anywhere
Thanks to smart design and meticulous engineering, FreshCUP™ fits perfectly, wherever you want to put it: small offices, kitchenettes, workshops, bars, trade show booths, lounges, beauty salons – any location where people drink hot and cold beverages. All you need is a powerpoint, access to water and a drain!

Premium quality and cost effective
Ditch the use of disposable cups and give the environment a break. A single FreshCUP™ re-usable detergent cartridge cleans up to 400 mugs or, if you prefer, 1000 espresso cups.

Everyday we throw hundreds of millions of tons of plastic into the ocean, drowning ourselves in non-perishable waste. With FreshCUP™, you need only buy a single stylish office coffee mug and then wash it as often as you like, skipping the plastic altogether.