Convenient Cartridge Refills

The FreshCUP™ 1.2 BIOCLEANSER system comprises convenient snap-in cartridges, which are simply quickly replaced after 400-600 cup washes. 

The BIOCLEANSER system contains two separate detergents and is a patented proprietary formulation that is totally ecologically-friendly.

Cartridge refills are available as a convenient pack of 4 including:
2 x FreshCUP™ YELLOW cartridges 
2 x FreshCUP™ GREEN cartridges

Environmentally Friendly

The patented 1.2 FreshCUP™ BIOCLEANSER detergents are supplied in recyclable cartridges and are 100% biodegradable. Both are free from phosphates and silicates and thereby help to preserve the environment. Their design and formulation is the secret to FreshCUP™‘s fast 30 second cycle time and washing system.

FreshCUP™ is Food Safe

FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent contains an innovative anti-microbial additive, approved for use with food by the European Committee for Inspecting Detergent Agents in Food (Strasbourg 1987).

This additive is completely washed away from the cup during the washing process and acts against a wide spectrum of microbes, bacteria, yeast and moulds – as shown in extensive laboratory tests.


What is the purpose of the two different cartridges ?

FreshCUP Yellow Cartridge


* Alkali machine detergent
* Dissolves grease
* Washes away the dirt

FreshCUP Green Cartridge


* Acidic rinsing detergent
* Sanitises and polishes cups, glasses and teaspoons
* Leaves wash items shiny & streak-free

Sanitisation Satisfaction

While other dishwashers dilute cleaning agents with water, FreshCUP™ sprays the undiluted full-powered detergents directly onto the cups, thereby getting full cleaning, disinfecting and shining, like no other cleaning system in the market.

Sanitisation is achieved in seconds, even at room temperature, completely eliminating all microbial pollution found on the wash items.

The FreshCUP™ 1.2 Biocleanser Detergent system

  1. Destroys bacteria & germs while it cleans and
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. 100% Biodegradable
  4. Recyclable cartridges
  5. Economical – lasting 600 to 800 washing cycles per cartridge
  6. No remaining residue

THE FreshCUP™ 1.2 DETERGENT system credentials

  • University of Arizona, Microbiology Dept. germ and bacteria eradication testing
  • Ministry of Health (Israel) ISO 9002 compliance
  • Independent Testing Laboratory (Bioscience Technology Laboratories) in-vitro testing
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology trace testing
  • Ministry of the Environment (Israel), “Green Label” authorisation
  • 100% Biodegradable certification