Frequently Asked Questions

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Please see below answers to common questions and queries you may have regarding FreshCUP™

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Common Questions

Isn’t the machine too small to be useful?

FreshCUP™ can wash and sanitise 200 cups an hour. This is more than most cafes, offices and other workplaces use. Cups, plates and cutlery can be washed fast, without all the clutter and mess in the sink. With near zero wait times, massive corporations like Intel and Motorola have made FresCUP part of their office surroundings and culture, enjoying fresh, clean cups around the clock.

For home, it’s perfect exactly because it is small – saves time and money in dishwashing machine running costs and helps keep the most frequently used items available for use 24/7. It’s a small miracle for new mums – no more waiting for dummies, teats and bottles to soak long enough to be sanitised!

Why do we need your machine when we have a cleaning service?
Your cleaning person’s time is also valuable and will be more efficiently utilised with FreshCUP™ in your kitchen. Let the cleaner focus on keeping the floor and office surfaces clean and sanistised – both the cleaning person and your staff will be able to contribute to overall office efficiency and thereby enjoy a more pleasant working environment, rather than waste time washing cups with a germ-ridden sponge (and arguing over whose turn it is!).

Are dishwashing sponges really that much of a health hazard?

Yes, according to well documented research, most kitchen sponges transfer a great number of germs and bacteria from cup to cup. FreshCUP™’s detergents eliminate all germs and bacteria colonies. This helps to avoid sickness and lost work hours, which is a boon for both the home and workplace environments.

Why shouldn’t we just keep using disposable or reusable cups?

Most people don’t actually enjoy drinking out of them and while disposable cups are convenient, they break up into millions of tiny, toxic particles that will NEVER disappear. Even if you really don’t mind that, it’s costly, polluting, wasteful, takes up space, is harmful to the environment and does not provide the feeling of quality you get from drinking from your favourite cup washed in germ-free FreshCUP™.

Are your detergents eco-friendly?

Yes, FreshCUP™ detergents are 100% biodegradable which means that the two opposite pH detergents neutralise each other. After utilising their full-strength, undiluted chemical properties during the 30 second cleaning process, they then flush away as neutral as waste water.

Are your detergents costly?

No, FreshCUP™ detergent cartridges will (depending on your model) wash between 600 to 800 cups. A controlled amount is sprayed onto the cups during every cycle, unlike other cleansers which are cheaper but get used up faster. Also FreshCUP™ uses only 0.6 L of water per cup compared with 2.5 L during hand washing.

Can I use FreshCUP™ for sterilising baby utensils?

Yes. FreshCUP™ is perfectly safe, easy to use and saves you time, effort and space, a perfect fit for busy parents. With FreshCUP™, you can wash baby bottles is less than 3 minutes – less time than it takes to make a cuppa. It’s unbelievably convenient for child care centres too – how many dummies, teats and bottles have to be washed and sterilised how many times a day?!  And how inconvenient and stressful can it be if they’re not finished their soak cycle but you REALLY need one?! FreshCUP™ removes that stress and leaves carers free to focus on the children in their care.

Isn’t your machine a bit of a luxury item?

True! FreshCUP™ is a new type of machine for the home or workplace – but so were faxes, computers, cell-phones, etc. and they are not considered luxuries now. Ensuring employee health and reducing absenteeism is surely no luxury in today’s workplace and at home, you’re saving dishwasher hands and long running times in your home dishwashing machine…

Can I use FreshCUP™ at home?

Absolutely! Simplify your life – in no time at all, the never-ending stacks of dirty cups, saucers, teaspoons and glasses will vanish!

How easy is it to install FreshCUP™?

FreshCUP™ only needs access to water, a drain and power. It connects to any cold water pipe. It has a special ‘piggy-back’ detachable heater that will heat the water to 80˚C (176˚F). Standard installation takes less than an hour and requires electricity & drainage just as any regular dishwasher.

What kind of things can FreshCUP clean?

Small and frequently used items such as tea/coffee cups & saucers, lunch plates, cutlery, reusable cups and drink bottles, milk jugs, barber/hair salon tools, dummies, baby bottles, teats. And mum and dad’s end-of-the-day beverage glasses…!

Why do we need FreshCUP™ when we already have a dishwasher?

FreshCUP™ is to a dishwasher what a microwave is to an oven. FreshCUP™ will wash cups in 30 seconds while a dishwasher takes a long time to fill and then runs for 45 minutes or more while you need a clean cup NOW. Even in a commercial kitchen, where you might already have a commercial dishwasher installed, FreshCUP™ takes care of the smaller, more frequently used items and can be installed within convenient reach of service counters.

It looks like a toy. Can it really do the heavy washing?

Yes, hundreds of cafes & restaurants enjoy using FreshCUP™. It can be run continuously in high traffic areas when fitted with a 3kW heater and prides itself on state-of-the-art top quality. A full one year product warranty is included.

How does FreshCUP™ save me time & money?

At home: FreshCUP™ cuts out unproductive time spent in the kitchen washing single items. It saves you having to wait for an entire dishwashing machine load to finish, keeping cups and glasses ready to use all day long.

At work: FreshCUP™ contributes to reduced absenteeism from illnesses caused by insufficiently sanitised cups and cutlery. Eliminates wasted time on cleaning arguments and contributes to an overall pleasant office environment. Excellent value per wash and low water consumption of the unit are other saving factors.

What makes FreshCUP™ the best alternative over other products like it?

The Sirron Group and its authorised distributors are the only suppliers for  FreshCUP™ in Australia. There is no other unit of this quality, efficacy and cost-effectiveness on the market here. This is a smart, durable, economical an attractive unit that saves you time money and energy in the never-ending task of cleaning cups, dishware and glasses in the home and office environment. Each cartridge can wash up to 1000 cups, there will be no need to store disposable or reusable cups in your cabinets and you will have a clear conscience regarding the difference you’re making to the environment with your choice of FreshCUP™ .