How FreshCUP™ works

FreshCUP™ cleans and sanitises in seconds, reduces plastics and frees you for more important things!

You just place the cups and glasses upside down on the rack, pop your teaspoons into the spoon basket, select your mode and press the wash button. The partition rotates and the machine starts washing. This is the only dishwasher in the world that will clean and sanitise your personal cup in less than a minute.

With FreshCUP™, there’s no waiting for a full load. No powders to handle.

FreshCUP™’s partner in grime, the patented 1.2 FreshCUP™ BIOCLEANSER Detergent, is supplied in recyclable cartridges and is 100% biodegradable. It is the secret to FreshCUP™’s fast 30 second cycle time and washing system.

FreshCUP™ 1.2 Detergent contains an innovative anti-microbial additive, approved for use with food by the European Committee for Inspecting Detergent Agents in Food (Strasbourg 1987).

This additive is completely washed away from the cup during the washing process and acts against a wide spectrum of microbes, bacteria, yeast and mould.

FreshCUP™ sprays the undiluted full-powered detergents directly onto the cups, achieving sanitising cleaning, disinfecting and shining, like no other cleaning system in the market. The yellow alkali detergent cleans, while the green acidic detergent sanitises and shines the cups, glasses and teaspoons.

Sanitisation is achieved in seconds, even at room temperature, completely eliminating all microbial pollution found on the wash items.

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