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The Importance of Small Office Cup Washers

Office, by definition, is a place in which a company or corporation administers its business. Usually, an office is perceived to be a physical location.

However, as technology has enhanced the online world, companies can create an office community online. In terms of office culture and face-to-face interactions with colleagues, physical offices are more suitable for those two themes. For every physical business or corporation, physical offices are made to organize and facilitate the inner workings of a business.

A term called “office culture” is created the moment an office has people working in it. For people in the workforce, especially people who work in stationary offices, bonds are usually made with fellow workmates. Since office workers typically stay in the office for, most likely, five to six days in a week, offices give out a sense of home and familiarity with these people. The bonds created in these establishments also give a sense of togetherness and collaboration, making the offices feel less stressful because of all the work these people endure every week.

In one office working day, office workers usually spend 8 hours working and accomplishing the company’s goals. That is one-third of a person’s day. Another one-third is used for sleeping and the other is used for resting from the stresses of work and other daily activities such as eating, bathing, exercising, and the like. As mentioned above, one might say that the office is an office worker’s second home. This may be true because of the allotted hours one dedicates to the office.

Because of that, it is essential for an office to have a space dedicated to kitchenette purposes. As office staff spends most of their days in the office, a place to make energy-boosting drinks and beverages such as coffee is quite vital for these office workers. In addition to this, office culture has made bringing coffee mugs to the workplace a consistent trend. As the stresses of work get to the office staff, naturally, these people will get tired. Coffee is essential to an office worker’s life because this energy-boosting drink allows them to keep their eyes open and continue working in the office.

To cut down on expenses, office workers bring their own coffee mugs to work to be able to drink coffee while working. These coffee mugs are usually placed in the kitchen areas of an office for safekeeping. An office worker can go to the office’s kitchen area and get coffee from there. However, because office life is quite unpredictable and stressful, workers tend to rinse their mugs and leave them to dry in the drying racks of the kitchen. This is to optimize work productivity within the office.

Unfortunately, the problem lies in that situation. Since the coffee mugs are only rinsed and not washed with dishwashing detergent, bacteria may stay on the coffee mug and stay dirty. Additionally, as the mugs are left dirty, the bacteria left on the mugs can travel to other kitchen utensils and equipment. This can result in an unhygienic status of the office kitchen. Since office workers are more focused on their work, this can be left unattended which can lead to a dirty work environment. Nobody wants that in an office. 

Workers, however, do not have the luxury of time to think about this problem because of more pressing office needs. This is why it is crucial for an office to invest in a compact office cup washer. 

Below are five reasons why compact office cup washers are essential for the work environment.

  1. It’s time-efficient.

Time is crucial in the workplace. As stated earlier, workers rush to consume their coffee in order to get back to their work duties immediately. Having a compact office cup washer in the kitchen gives them more time to complete the company’s needs and goals. Moreover, office cup washers usually take between 20-30 seconds to finish cleaning a mug. With that speed, office cup washers can clean a total of 120-130 mugs in one hour. Office workers can stick their mugs in the office cup washers for less than a minute and do other things while their cups are being washed. They can even leave their mug there and just come back to it later if no one else is using it.

  1. It’s cost-effective.

It is an extra expense to invest in a good office cup washer. No one will deny that. However, buying a good office cup washer gives a company’s office workers more time and energy to work more efficiently. This is because they do not have to think about scrubbing away the bacteria on their mugs. On another note, a company does not need to hire another worker to clean the few cups and utensils in an office kitchen. This saves the company more money.

  1. It helps save money and preserve the environment.

If an office invests in an efficient office cup washer, the office staff would be able to save more money by bringing their own coffee mugs to their workplaces. Likewise, the influence of bringing coffee mugs to the workplace allows for less usage of plastic and Styrofoam cups which, in turn, helps in the preservation of the environment.

  1. It’s compact.

Because of its compact size, kitchen counter spaces will have more space. Other kitchen utensils and equipment can be placed more freely in more areas on the kitchen counter spaces. Moreover, it creates a less bulky feel in the office kitchen. Office kitchens are usually known to be quite cramped because of the large equipment such as refrigerators and water dispensers placed in them. The compactness of an office cup washer can help in creating a less crowded atmosphere in the office kitchen.

  1. It actually cleans the office coffee mugs.

As previously mentioned, office workers do not have the luxury of time to think about cleaning their coffee mugs thoroughly because of their overflowing workload. A recent study shows that 90% of the observed and studied office coffee mugs were covered in germs. A total of 20% of those office coffee mugs contained traces of feces on them. It is important that these office mugs are cleaned thoroughly. Owning a compact office cup washer will completely disinfect and sanitize the coffee mugs placed in there, leaving little to no traces of bacteria present on the mugs.

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